The United Nations has warned that Uganda is at a “breaking point” as almost 3,000 refugees fleeing famine and the violence in South Sudan enter the country each day.

Filippo Grandi, the U.N High Commissioner for Refugees, appealed to the international community for assistance, saying that with present rates of arrival, the numbers of refugees in Uganda would surpass a million before the middle of 2017.

Here's a Great Story!

A great testimonial of how the Kampala Urban Farming project has dramatically changed two young men's lives.

Andra and Badu were two friends living rather unproductive lives until Andra's motther challenged them to visit CBM and be trained in Urban Farming techniques.


Using the same techniques as we employ in our URBAN FARMING PROGRAM , we are planning to initiate a plan to provide support and materials to the refugees so they can GROW THEIR OWN VEGETABLES right there in the camps.
Easy-to-follow instructions and basic supplies will be made available
for as many families as we can afford.
      With Your Help, that could be MANY families.     

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