A Simple, But Profound Revolution

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Often it is the simplest idea that brings the greatest changes.
We are finding this to be the absolute truth in our introduction of the Out-Growers Program.
​For those of us who live in the affluent West, it can be difficult to conceive of a situation where even the most basic ingredients for self-survival lie out of reach for a huge number of people.  Yet this is the case for literally millions of people in South Sudan.
We may be tempted to say, "Well, why don't they just do something to help themselves?"
Part of the answer is to be found in the tragic history of the last few decades... years of constant war and upheaval have virtually reduced the nation to ruins.  Some have said that this country has been blown back almost into the Stone Age.  Physically, emotionally, governmentally and socially, the situation is almost unbelievably desperate.
In this context, there is LITERALLY very little that CAN be done, at least without help from outside.  The resources to do anything more than simply survive are just not there.  This is NOT an overstatement.

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The photos below, as raw and disturbing as they are, tell just part of the story of the devastation that was all too common in South Sudan but a very few years ago.
So much was destroyed that rebuilding and restoring has been an almost unsurmountable task.
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Can You Imagine?
The lingering horror of these events has virtually crippled much of South Sudan.
Amazingly, though, there is a powerful and resolute determination to rise above the ruins and press towards a better future.
For some who have the will to succeed and to move beyond the seemingly inescapable dependence upon foreign aid and the despair of living in one of the world's poorest nations, THERE IS A WAY OUT.

This where our
Out-Growers Program
​Comes In...

For those living in the rural areas, and who have access to their own land, this simple initiative allows many families to live ABOVE the subsistence-only way of living... hand-to-mouth, daily, and with no real hope of an improved future.

Though simple, the program is REVOLUTIONARY.
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​About the Out-Growers Program