An Introduction to Who We Are

How can people starve in a fertile land with two good rainy seasons?

The need for emergency feeding in Africa has been an on-going crisis for many decades, yet Africa has the most fertile land available in any continent in the world.
Why should a land which is so fertile be facing hunger and starvation?
With lush vegetation and endless wide sweeping savannahs, why does Sudan have 2,500,000 hungry and displaced people within the country, and another 1,000,000 more people returning to a land with a food crisis?
Some say it is impossible to 'get ahead' of the emergency feeding in Africa.
We disagree most emphatically.
Although South Sudan has been one of the largest recipients of "Emergency Feeding" by the World Food Program for years and represents one of the greatest challenges, we know that it can change
         ... with the right approach .
With that in mind, and without any Government's help, look at what we have done.
Imagine what we CAN do through a privately sponsored, well-thought-through agricultural and training program with corruption firmly held at an absolute minimum.
Think what can be done with major support from foundations, governments and the business world if those same concepts, controls and management with integrity stayed in place.
Without local government involvement to distract the funds, and with people of integrity running the programs, we KNOW South Sudan can feed itself.
Everyone involved, no matter their public positions, is a part of this project in their capacity as private citizens.
We have confidence and we challenge you to join us – look around this site first, then make your own assessment.
Feel free to ask questions!
Know this...
Depending on the two rainy seasons, between 80% and 95% of the food consumed in South Sudan is imported from surrounding countries at grossly inflated prices by traders taking advantage of the desperately hungry.
This MUST and CAN change.
This site will give you some insights into a different approach.

Rev. Dr. Calvin Richard Bombay
has spent many years in Africa in a wide
variety of roles.
Recognized for his involvement in Canadian Christian TV for several years,  his face and work are familiar to many, and his reputation of integrity and truthfulness is solid.
Cal has travelled the world in support of assisting people in need of both physical and spiritual help.
Now in his later seventies, Cal is still very active in the direction and promotion of Harvest Sudan and other major humanitarian projects in Africa.