Charles' Story

A Story of Dreams
In 2008, forty year old Moi Charles Korshuk Lomargor approached the Savannah Farmers Cooperative (SFC) for help from our tractors. Since then he has gradually increased his acreage from 1.5 to 8.5 acres.

He plans well, thinks ahead, and has dreams of a totally independent future as a businessman/farmer. He wants to have 30 acres.

After hearing what he has overcome, I believe he will be a great success. He lost a child to malaria. He now keeps malaria medicine on hand to prevent that happening again. He survived the civil war in South Sudan. He married and has been faithful to one wife. Charles has three children aged 2, 7 and 15.

Until he hooked up with SFC, none of his children were in school. Now they all attend school.

He said, “Now we are eating a balanced diet. We have come from mud huts to building a brick house with a mabati (galvanized steel) roof. But it is small.” He pointed at the guest house on the Bori headquarters and said, “I want to build a house like that, but I don’t know whether to try to buy a tractor first or to make my family more comfortable first...”

Charles has many dreams for the future of his family now that he has broken out of the poverty cycle which had gripped him for many year, both during and after the war.

His last statement when we interviewed him was very significant: “Now I am really free!”