John's Story

Now He Has A Plan
If you had only 2 acres of land, were married with seven children, mostly young, yet one old enough for high school, how would you envision the future? After surviving twenty-five years of continual war all around you, what would you plan? That, for me, would be pretty bleak, especially living in a mud and wattle village owning very little of anything.

But John Lori Luka Woa made a decision, based on continued food shortage, in 2008. “I will ask to become an Out-Grower with those people at Bori, the Savannah Farmers Cooperative.”

He asked and was accepted. He cleared another five acres of land by hand, bush, roots and ant hills. His life and livelihood took a dramatic change.

On his seven acres he produced enough extra crops which he sold, and here is what he did:
  • Paid school fees for all his children old enough for school
  • Built four brick tukuls (round huts) with thatch roofs
  • Started a small ‘restaurant’ in the local market across from Bori Headquarters of SFC
  • Grew a cash crop of peanuts which brings in very good income

John told us that he knew that with the modern farming we taught and the machines we provided would transform the way they plant, harrow and harvest their crops.

He added “There are 10,000 more families who should have this kind of help. I hope more Canadians can come and see the difference they are making!”