More About the Bori Farm Operation

The Answer is In the Soil, Not In the Oil !
Why South Sudan?
Having been in seventy-five countries of the world, seeing the result of natural disasters and wars, we have never seen another country with the wide range of critical needs as in South Sudan.
Two million live on the brink of starvation in a land reduced to rubble by, at the time before independence, their own government, and poverty level at the bottom of the world scale. The combination of challenges and critical needs is more than any government can possibly address. It is the newest nation on earth, and they need vast international aid to even begin building a governmental infrastructure.
Why farming as your concentration?
Many people believe that their vast oil reserves could finance the whole country. We all know where most of the money goes in most oil-producing countries, especially developing countries. It rarely gets to the grass roots population. Their greatest sustainable resource is
in the soil, not the oil.

The Republic of South Sudan has some of the richest soil in the world, particularly in the south west of the Republic. It has the potential, stated by multiple agencies, including the United Nations, to become the bread-basket of Africa. We also see that potential.

What are the long-range goals of this project?
To establish food security at the grass roots level on a sustainable basis through our Out-Growers program, and to establish food security at the national (public) level and eventually export of foodstuffs to other countries, particularly in Africa.
​​As a result, a new “Management Team” structure was created as follows:
  • A Managing Director was appointed to take oversight and responsibility for all activity of the Savannah Farmers Cooperative (SFC).
  • A General Manager was appointed to oversee all Division Heads supervising activities on the crop-growing fields of the SFC.
  • A Financial Administrator has been appointed to oversee all book-keeping, records and log books, as well as pay-roll and accounting.
Headquarters for the Savannah Farmers Cooperative
In about 2006, Bori was chosen as the Headquarters for the Savannah Farmers Cooperative.  It also became the site for a single large farm operation — The Bori Farm.
It is located about 30 km south-east of the town of Kajokeji and Wudu in the South Western part of the Republic of South Sudan.
A secure 4-acre compound has been built at this site, and hosts the following: 
  • Our Management Offices are located at Bori.
  • Guest houses are there to accommodate visitors.
  • Our Central Mechanical Workshop has been in full operation since 2012.
  • The largest Grinding Mill in all of the Republic of South Sudan is located in the Bori Compound, processing tonnes of grain into flour.
  • Large warehouses are other storage facilities are on the site..
  • A central "Tukul" (Round building) for both meetings and over-flow sleeping accommodations.
  • A house with two bedrooms, designed for full-time management staff has many amenities necessary for continuous occupation.
  • Machine sheds, fuel storage and produce processing is all centred in the Bori Headquarters.
  • A multi-denominational church building has been built into the wall surround the Compound as a service to the local community, and is also used for training new staff in various positions of responsibility.
    Literacy classes, adult farming training and child-care & youth programs also take place there.
Approximately forty (40) employees work in and around the Bori complex, virtually all of them being national workers.
The Bori operation is one of the largest employers in the region, and a sizeable community has sprung up along the roadway next to the compound, with many private dwellings and shops located there.
In the early years of Harvest Sudan and the Savannah Farmers Cooperative, attempts were made to start several farms in South Sudan.
We discovered early on that duplication of management and leadership positions in relation to the size of the farms, and the severe risk of corruption, made small scattered farms both cumbersome and impossible to control. ​

An Effective Model

Largest Farm in
​South Sudan

The modern agricultural techniques being demonstrated at the Bori Farm clearly prove that large-scale mechanized farming for mass food production in South Sudan is not only POSSIBLE but FEASIBLE and REPLICABLE. 
With more than 400 total useable acres, the Bori Farm is the largest mechanized farm  operation in the entire country, and has the biggest contiguous area under cultivation anywhere within the nation.