The Bori Farm

Watch this video of the sorghum harvest in February, 2016, at the Savannah Farmers Cooperative Farm located at Bori in South Sudan.

This is the first growing season that our larger equipment, shipped to South Sudan in late 2015, has been used to prepare the land, plant the seed, and harvest the crop.

What an exciting step forward!

About the farm

The Bori farm is strategically positioned in the southern portion of Central Equatria State in South Sudan, just about one-half-hour southeast of
​the town of Kajo-Keji.
At this time, this region enjoys relative peace as it is some distance away from the ongoing conflict further north.  The local residents are for the most part not directly involved with the struggle, which has a significant tribal component.
The farm sits on part of 20,000 acres of leased land, and is surrounded by an additional 80,000 acres which is being essentially reserved for us by the government of South Sudan for future expansion of the Bori operation.
The Bori farm boasts several features unique in all of South Sudan...
  • It has the largest contiguous agricultural fields in the country, as far as we have been told
  • It operates the largest farming equipment and uses the most modern techniques anywhere in the nation
  • It is most certainly one of the largest multi-faceted private businesses in that part of the country and perhaps all of South Sudan
The Land upon which the Bori Farm is located actually belongs to the tribal chiefs whose families have lived in the area for many generations.
Lease agreements have been signed with the tribal leaders for the current acreage (20,000 acres), and when more property is needed, additional leases will be created.
State and Federal governments are both anxious to preserve the land bordering with Uganda, so as to prevent unlawful encroachment by migrant farmers. 
(Roll Over the Images Below)
  1. Sorghum
    An important food-grain in South Sudan.
  2. Harvesting the Crop
    Harvesting the Crop
    Our harvesting combine off-loading grain
  3. Storage Silos
    Storage Silos
    Harvested grain fills these bins.
  4. The Bori Compound
    The Bori Compound
    SFC Headquarters and Farming Centre.
  5. Cleared and Plowed
    Cleared and Plowed
    Some of the more than 450 acres of rich fields.
  6. Bountiful Growth
    Bountiful Growth
    A healthy field of maize at the Bori Farm.
  7. Land-Clearing
    Bulldozers work to remove trees and underbrush.
  8. Planting Seed
    Planting Seed
    A combination seeder-fertilizer is prepared.
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About the Bori Farm