The Out-Growers Program

This already successful and growing initiative holds the greates hope for long-term
​food production in South Sudan.
By far the most promising initiave within Harvest Sudan is that of providing agricultural training and associated support services to local farmers in South Sudan.

What is an Out-Grower?

Here are the qualities that a potential
​Out-Grower must possess.
(a) a family living in poverty and below the “well-fed” level       in South Sudan.
(b) they have only a small acreage which cannot sustain
      proper levels of food and nutrition.
(c) they can enlarge their acreage from their present
      small plot of land.
(d) they have a willingness to clear more land than they
      are able to work with just hand hoes.

Who Qualifies?

When the applicant has cleared a minimum of five acres, and it has been inspected by Savannah Farmers Cooperative (SFC), an agreement is made that welcomes the land-owner into the program.
The terms of the agreement are not complicated:
  • The initial cleared land will be plowed by SFC for a nominal fee (well below the usual price in the area)
  • Planting and harvesting remain in the hands of the small-holders of land.
These are the steps someone needs to take to become an Out-Grower.

How The Out-Grower Program Works

The simplicity of this plan is what makes it so workable.
​It's so uncomplicated, we don't understand why EVERYONE isn't doing it!

What are the Benefits?

Here are the advantages that an Out-Grower participant has:
  • Modern planting and farming methods are taught.
  • Acreages may be increased to become as many at 10, 20, or 30 acres (or more, if the land-owner is able to clear additional acres)
  • The excess of their highly-increased production may be bought by SFC at fair market value.

What are the limitations?

There are literally no limits for the program participants.
This plan also permits several individuals to amalgamate their properties in order to increase their productivity, or to assemble sufficient contiguous acreage to initially enroll in the program.
Support services remain available for as long as participants remain with the program.
"The Sky is The Limit" describes the possible scope of the Out-Grower plan.
Details of the Out-Growers Program
Explore the ways in which this simple, but effective plan is changing lives and sparking a very real revolution
​in South Sudan.
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