Harvest Sudan really is different!
  1. What We DON'T Do
    Harvest Sudan is not in the business of short-term emergency feeding only. While that remains vital in an environment where there are hundreds of thousands of starving people, we DO NOT believe this is the right approach. We believe there is a BETTER way!
  2. What We Do
    Harvest Sudan is focused on a more permanent, long-term solution to the problem of starvation in South Sudan. We believe that ongoing injections of emergency food-stuffs by international aid agencies will not solve the problem. We are doing something DIFFERENT.
  3. Why Better?
    Simply put, we are convinced that the long-term solution to the hunger and poverty problems in South Sudan does not lie OUTSIDE the country, but rather right WITHIN the country itself. Sounds straightforward enough, right? We believe it IS essentially so!
  4. What's the Secret?
    Simply stated, Harvest Sudan is totally committed to helping the people of South Sudan produce enough food for the entire nation, even those who are in desperate conditions caused by decades of conflict and a devastated environment. We are ALREADY proving that this CAN BE DONE!
  5. That's Simple?
    No, it's not simple at all! This approach is calling for complete commitment to a strategy that we KNOW will work (we have the proof!) and that to the ongoing development of an existing and already successful process through which the desired results can be reached.
  6. You Say It's Working?
    After more than ten years of determined effort, learning many lessons along the way and experiencing some major setbacks, we have made significant progress is executing and consolidating the processes and in building a solid foundation for future expansion and replication.

Big Idea # 1
Big Idea #2
To provide agricultural training, basic start-up necessities and ongoing associated support services to local farmers in South Sudan.
To develop large mechanized farms capable of mass-producing food for distribution to the hungry people of South Sudan.
So Why Isn't Somebody Doing This Already? ... It Seems So Simple And Logical.
The only answer we can suggest is that few, if any, are taking the long-view as it applies to the situation in South Sudan.
The aggressive actions and considerable investments necessary to set these things in motion are enormous, given the difficulties presented by a devastated nation on the brink of complete collapse.
Governmentally, socially, economically, educationally, and in most every other way as well.

To some, the ultimate outcome is so bleak that the "demands of the urgent" completely eclipse any real hope for a recovery
from the national disaster that has befallen this country.

They need help... We can help them.