Where We Work

The primary focus of Harvest Sudan is helping develop food security in the Republic of South Sudan.

Key Personnel in South Sudan

 Our Presence in South Sudan
Currently, the primary actvities of Harvest Sudan are being carried out through an agency agreement with Savannah Farmers Cooperative (SFC) in South Sudan.
This already successful and thriving initiative is providing resources and training for local farmers in the area surrounding Bori, south-east of Kajo-Keji near the border with Uganda.
The Board of Directors consists South Sudanese volunteers and several government officials, all of whom are unpaid members of the board, and act in their capacity as private citizens.
Absolutely NO PROFITS or DIVIDENDS from the operations of SFC are taken from the country.
All earned proceeds from sales and/or services are directed in full back into operations in order to enlarge production, improve crop yields and increase the effectiveness of  the overall project.

Fiona Onyinda
Zamba Duku
Financial Administrator
Managing Director
Mr. Duku, formerly holding an important and prestigeous position in the South Sudan government, quit that job and came aboard SFC because, he said, "I wanted to do something significant with my life-skills and experience.
Well known from his time in the military before South Sudan gained its independence from the north, and in the newly-formed government of this young nation, Mr. Duku retains many friendly connections with former colleagues and officials.  This allows him to work very effectively in his management role with SFC.
Mr. Duku is not only a citizen of South Sudan, he also calls the region around Bori "home" — where he was raised as a boy — so his knowledge of the local people and customs gives him great insight, an invaluable asset to our work at Savannah Farmers Cooperative.

Mr. Duku is a man with the highest ethical standards, both in business and in his private life, and is held in high regard in South Sudan.
Ms. Fiona Musiimenta Onyinda is a graduate of Makerere University in Kampala Uganda with degree in Business Adminstration and Accounting.

All book-keeping, accounting and record keeping is her primary responsibility.

Known locally as "Mama Savannah", Fiona — a.k.a. "FiFi" — also provides amazingly effective assistance by skillfully navigating through the endless tangle of red-tape that is an inevitable part of doing business in that part of the world.

Border guards, known for their penchant for applying additional "taxes" when dealing with foreigners passing their check-points, suddenly switch gears when Fiona shows up, and begin adhering more closely to the provisions of the law.

Fiona is also a very efficient and thrifty buyer when acting on our behalf in purchasing supplies and materials.  She's "worth her weight in gold" as the saying goes!
Everything Harvest Sudan pours into its projects STAYS in South Sudan.
More About the Savannah Farmers Cooperative
  The Savannah Farmers Cooperative is a farming operation centered in Bori, South Sudan.
SFC has a proven record of assisting the local community in moving towards self-sufficiency in the production of food for the immediate region and for all of South Sudan.

Through this initiative, capable and committed local Sudanese are being equipped, employed, and trained in modern farming techniques that are directly contributing to the development of Agricultural and Economic progress in the region.
The Staff and Labourers at SFC are local people, many of them living within just a short distance of Bori or in the small village that has sprung up next to the SFC compound there.
This is a good thing! 

Since the long-term goal of Harvest Sudan is to help create a successfully self-governing, self-sustaining and self-propagating program, the wholehearted and committed workers are absolutely essential to the future. 

The two central elements of the Savannah Farmers Cooperative are

  1. The Bori Farm
    This growing operation is widely recognized as the single largest agricultural operation in the entirety of South Sudan.
  2. The Out-Grower Program
    The future of long-term sustainable agriculture in South Sudan hinges on this kind of approach, presently being greatly expanded.